Scientific Collaborators

Prof. Leonhard Grill
(University of Graz)

Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (LT, UHV) to investigate:
Chemical reactions (on-surface polymerization) and switching processes
as well as self-assembly and manipulation.

Prof. Paolo Samorì
(ISIS-ULP Strasbourg)

Transistor fabrication and characterization for photoaddressable OTFTs.
STM (RT, liq.-sol.) and AFM to study foldamer conformations and self-assembly.

Prof. A. P. H. J. (Albert) Schenning
(Eindhoven University of Technology)

Generation and characterization of liquid-crystalline polymer oscillators/actuators

Prof. Norbert Koch
(HU Berlin, Physics & IRIS Adlershof)

UPS/XPS of molecular layers on various substrates to investigate electronic properties, in particular in relations to adsorption geometry and self-assembly.

Prof. Christian Limberg
(HU Berlin, Chemistry & IRIS Adlershof)

Coordination chemistry of clickates and clickamers.

Prof. Emi List-Kratochvil
(HU Berlin, Chemistry/Physics & IRIS Adlershof)

Characterization of organic-inorganic interfaces using various spectroscopic techniques, fabrication of prototype optoelectronic hybrid devices, self-assembled monolayers and patterning.

Prof. Martin Oestreich
(TU Berlin, Chemistry)

Light-driven chemical transformations based on photoisomerization reactions



Prof. Jürgen P. Rabe
(HU Berlin, Physics & IRIS Adlershof)

AFM and STM (RT, liq.-sol.) to characterize polymers, oligomers, and functional molecules (switches) on various substrate surfaces.

Prof. Stephanie Reich
(FU Berlin, Physics)

Functionalization of carbon nanotubes with molecular switches and their characterization (Raman, fluorescence).

Prof. Peter Saalfrank
(University of Potsdam)

Computational work on photochemical, electrochemical as well as thermal reactions of azobenzenes and diarylethenes.
Prof. Christoph Schalley
(Freie Universität Berlin)

Supramolecular chemistry of multivalent host-guest systems

Prof. Petra Tegeder
(University of Heidelberg)

Spectroscopy at surfaces (2PPE, HREELS etc.) to investigate switching processes and characterize extended π-systems on surfaces.

Prof. Christina Thiele
(TU Darmstadt)

NMR spectroscopy to investigate conformational behavior of foldamers and photoswitchable catalysts in solution.

Prof. Andreas Thünemann
(BAM Berlin)

Scattering (SAXS, DLS) to characterize individual macromolecules and their aggregates in solution.
Prof. Josef Wachtveitl
(Goethe University Frankfurt/Main)

Dynamics of light-induced switching processes using time-resolved optical spectroscopy (fs vis-pump/vis-probe and vis-pump/IR-probe)

Prof. Martin Weinelt
(FU Berlin, Physics)

Computational work on various photoswitchable catalysts.

Profs. Fritz Henneberger & Sylke Blumstengel
(HU Berlin, Physics)

Preparation of hybrids of organic semiconductors and ZnO grown by MBE and their characterization.

Prof. Michael Bühl
(University of St Andrews)

Computational work on various photoswitchable catalysts.